Learn to Avoid This Common Social Security Trap

Apr 2, 2024


Retirement is your time to enjoy the things you postponed during your working years. Many of our clients enjoy being able to travel and indulge in the things they have saved for so diligently.

Sometimes, paying for a long-awaited trip means withdrawing more from your retirement funds. It’s important for you to carefully consider the tax implications of withdrawing more from accounts like IRAs. Keep in mind that increasing your taxable income can increase how much of your social security is taxable as well.

To better understand just how important this consideration is for your retirement plan, watch this clip from the Tax-Saving Strategies in Retirement” online course.

In this example, Bill takes an IRA withdrawal of $1,000 to pay for an upcoming vacation – and this results in $407 of additional taxes.

Travis Johnson, the instructor of “Tax-Saving Strategies in Your Retirement” walks us through how exactly this example breaks down so you can see how something like this could impact your retirement plan.

Learn more about how social security and other taxes can impact your overall retirement plan in the full “Tax-Saving Strategies in Your Retirement” course! Or, if you’d prefer one-on-one guidance, you can schedule time with a TRS financial planner.


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