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9 Facts About Retirement

Retirement can have many meanings. For some, it will be a time to travel and spend time with family members. For others, it will be a time to start a new business or begin a charitable endeavor. Here are nine things about retirement that might surprise you.  ...

Social Security: Maximizing Benefits

Most understand that waiting to claim Social Security benefits can result in higher monthly payments. However, many don't know that there are other ways to maximize their benefits, some of which depend on their marital status.   Understanding the strategies for...

A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

  Steve and Sally are nearing retirement, and they have many items on their bucket list. Longer life expectancies mean Steve and Sally may need to prepare for two or perhaps three decades of retirement. How should they position their money?1   One approach...

Traditional vs ROTH IRA 2023 Changes

  One of the most critical decisions we face in retirement is choosing the right type of Individual Retirement Account (IRA). In 2023, two popular options continue to be the Traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. Both offer unique advantages and considerations, and...

Retiring In A Post-Pandemic World

      We are primarily retirement planners, but oftentimes we find ourselves also wearing the hat of a life coach for our clients. One example is the impact that the pandemic had on people’s retirement plans. As Covid gets more in our rear-view mirror,...

Eight Mistakes That Can Upend Your Retirement

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   Hello there! As a Financial Planner, I’ve seen it all when it comes to retirement planning. Pursuing your retirement dreams is no easy feat, but making some common mistakes can make it even more challenging. So, let’s take a...

Ready for Retirement? Start with These 10 Questions

Are you ready for Retirement? In order to answer this question confidently, you'll need to consider a variety of different factors. To help measure your retirement readiness, assess where you stand on these ten crucial items. 1. Retirement Budget Do you know what your...

Navigating 4 Common Retirement Pitfalls

You may have heard a number of cautionary tales from your fellow retirees who have fallen into classic retirement pitfalls. Perhaps you, too, are wondering what financial traps may be lurking around the corner as you plan for your own retirement. The good news is that...

Does Your Portfolio Fit Your Retirement Lifestyle

If you are like many retirees, you may be wondering, "Can I truly have the life I dream of living in retirement?" This is an absolutely natural question to ask, especially because retirement can feel like an uncertain chapter of your life. Most retirement portfolios...


Providing for family, spending time with grandkids, traveling. You shouldn’t be wasting your golden years worrying about electric bills or the balance of your checking account. We’ve helped hundreds of people retire confidently and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

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